Monday, September 12, 2011

Weekend Produce

I am in fresh produce heaven!!! All of these yummies were grown in our garden (minus the pears which are from Matt's grandparents). I have tasted the joy of having home grown meals and it tastes goooooood. I love having countertops covered in tomatoes and bowls overflowing with plums. The color pops make my kitchen look so happy too. (Not to mention I got a frame for my Eat the Good Stuff print to hang in my kitchen... I hope your prints get framed right away! Funny how the artist puts her work up last of all, but that's how it goes I guess. :)

Anywho I'm going to eat some more of this good stuff... if you have any good tomato reciepes let me know. So far I've made brushchetta found here, lots of salads and salsa!


  1. This post is killin' me. I love all the color. I'm ready to go dig up a garden somewhere right now!

  2. gorgeous! It's like my dream to have a garden, live it up!

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