Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Knick Knack Art with Heart

 I LOVE the idea of creating wall art out of everyday somethings that have special meaning to you.  It's art on a budget that brings so much character and happy memories to a room. 

After a year of dating, Matt and I were apart for two years as he lived on the east coast as a missionary for our church.  We weren't able to see each other or even talk on the phone, but we wrote good ol' fashioned letters back and forth for two years.  I absolutely LOVE reading those letters from time to time, they are hilarious, and I'm sure we'll treasure them forever.  This summer I had an idea and snagged some of my favorite stamps to make a piece of art to hang between our closets...

Voila! A couple of other ideas I want to try out...

Jenny from Little Green Notebook turned her grandmothers' buttons into a beautiful display. 
Love that idea!

More great ideas from Young House Love... framing keys and photo booth strips. 

I always got a kick out of a frame that hangs in my cousin's kitchen.  It's a note in sloppy teenage boy handwriting that goes something like, "Mom, I broke my nose. I think we'll need to go to the doctor.  Went to mow a few more lawns."  Haha!

I'm not really a big crafter, but these are some DIY I could handle.  I think it's so fun to have those memories saved so you can see them everyday.



  1. the stamps are adorbs! I love saying adorbs. :)

  2. Oh Mark! haha I LOVE the stamps! I wish we could do something like that but all of ours are emails. Technology just isn't as romantic... love you Kate!