Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Matt and I just got back from seeing the last Harry Potter (I know we're a little late, but we had to watch every movie before in preparation!) We finished movie 7.1 last night, so naturally we had to go to the 11 o'clock matinee this morning! Wasn't it amazing?!

I got the first Harry Potter book on Christmas day when I was 11, and I spent the entire day reading.  It was for me, like so many, a big part of my growing up.  It's such a perfect combination of this amazing wizarding world that you fall in love with and of characters who feel like dear friends.  I can't wait to someday read it to my own kids. :)

When I got home I started researching the U.S. illustrator, Mary Grandpre.  What an amazing gig right?  I ended up finding these beautiful prints online that I had never seen and a rather old, but interesting interview here.  My favorite part was that the publishers would fly with the manuscript and deliver it 007 style for her to illustrate?!  Awesome!

And finally, this has been floating around and it makes me smile whenever I see it...


Image via here and here.

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