Friday, May 27, 2011

New Print: Elephant Walk

Lovely weather for an elephant walk, wouldn't you say?

New up in the shop today: The Elephant Walk! I am really loving this print. I think if I had a little boy, this is what I would put above his crib... I'm not picking favorites, just sayin. :)

Isn't he spunky and cute? If your elephant walker is a blond let me know and we can make it happen!



  1. totally reminds me of jungle book!
    "hup two three four, step it up two three four"

  2. Oh Kate I LOVE this! So cute! You are so talented!

  3. So cute! Meg has an elephant sticker above her crib and I love it.

  4. ... would you consider putting a girl behind the elephant?! :)

  5. I totally would... actually I was thinking of doing that anyway. A little girl in a striped dress maybe?

  6. Hi from Germany!
    You don´t know me. I am the sister of Emily Aldrich Bachmann´s husband and really love your prints.
    I just came across the elephant walk on your etsy shop just yesterday and was TOTALLY thinking that THIS is what I want in our little boys room who will be born in about 8 weeks. If I order via your etsy shop will you also send the print to Germany?
    Many greetings from far far away Germany.