Thursday, February 3, 2011

New print- Be a Good One BOYS!

I am SO excited to announce a new print up in the shop tonight...

I have had several requests to create a sister print (or should I say brother print?) to my Be a Good One GIRLS print. Well, the idea had crossed my mind too and I am happy to say my boys made it up in the shop finally!!!

Now, I feel like I have a little explaining to do. You see I have been working... A LOT. December and January were full of 60 hour weeks as I juggled transitioning between old to new day job while still keeping my night/weekend job. It was complicated to say the least! However, it has all been worth it as I LOVE my new job and I am absolutely THRILLED that starting in February I will now have less hours on my plate! Finally- time to draw, make dinners and hang out with my husband! I REALLY mean it when I say thank you to everyone for being patient with me as I am more than excited to dig into my list of requests as well as some ideas of my own!
And did I mention Happy February? Bring on the red, white and PINK!

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