Sunday, November 21, 2010


Ok first of all... Bijou Market was so much fun and went even better than I expected! Success! THANK YOU so much to all of you wonderful people who came and supported me (or supported from afar!). It was a great weekend. I loved meeting the other vendors... everyone that I met was so sweet and talented, as well as the girls running the show! Loved trading for their items and LOVED when I was ringing someone out and could tell them, "oh by the way I drew that print you're buying!" It was really a dream come true to chat with people who were buying my art and hear what they were going to do with their print! Here are some pics of my booth...

In other news last night around 10 (after the market and after I had taken a nap!) we made homemade wontons...

I found a recipe in one of my cookbooks, but then I tweaked it and it was delicious and easy!

Here's what you need:

-ground beef (the recipe called for country sausage so either way...)
-chopped cabbage
-minced onion
-salt and pepper to taste
-green onions
-carrots could be good maybe?
-egg roll skins

Brown the meat and minced onions. Fill the egg rolls with all the ingredients (I mixed the cooked ingredients with the uncooked because I like the crunch of fresh veggies, but you can cook everything together too) and tuck in ends (seal edges with water and they'll stick). Lightly fry in oil and serve with soy sauce.
I didn't take the time to make them beautiful, but they tasted DELICIOUS! Luckily I snapped a few pics before they were all gone and honestly you can put whatever you want in them that you think will taste good. I cooked the meat and onions with a soy-teriyaki sauce and it worked great. Mmmm...

After we ate Matt asked me what I would choose if I had to between good art and good food... I kept switching between answers and then finally just gave up!!! It's like choosing between your children... but not. Anyways what an exhausting and lovely weekend! I hope yours was wonderful!


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