Monday, November 22, 2010

Be a Good One.

Putting a new print up in the shop makes me squirmy and happy. Squirmy? I seriously can't sit still and would relate it to chopping your hair and then going to school the next day! I know I love it... but not sure what THEY will say. You pour your energy and creativity into something and then WABAM! There it is for the whole world to see (I understand I use the term "whole world" very loosely here but you know what I mean...) This print means a lot to me and this is a quote I have always loved. I'm not going to interpret it for you because I prefer my audience take my artwork and personalize it, but I do hope it makes you think of possibilities.
I decided to wait and debut a few framed copies of this print at the market this weekend and I ended up venturing out late Friday night to print off more for Saturday!
I hope you love it too, and I hope it reminds you maybe a little of who you are and who you want to be.


  1. your prints are absolutely precious! I have 2 earmarked. 1 boy one and 1 girl one. I am adopting a baby. He or she is due Feb 6th. I am waiting to find out the sex of the baby any day! I can't wait. I am going to buy the print as soon as I find out :)

  2. Thank you and congratulations! I used to work in adoption and LOVED it... I honestly believe it is one of the most amazing experiences to be involved in. I'm excited for you, good luck and let me know when you find out :)

  3. Kate I love this one! If my baby was a girl I would buy it for sure, maybe in two years? I think it's fabulous! Someday my home will look like a Katherine Hanks Allen art gallery and I'll be able to tell people I knew her "way back when". Love ya!