Friday, October 1, 2010


I just got my congratulations e-mail AND (drum roll...)

CinnamonInk has been accepted as a seller for the Bijou Market in Provo on November 19th and 20th!!! AH!!! I am SO excited, I can't believe it! For those of you not familiar it's this really amazing market for vendors to sell their handmade and vintage goods to the public all in one delightful location that changes with every market. This past summer it was held in a beautiful orchard. :) I've gone several times with my sister and we always want to buy EVERYTHING!!! I'm thinking about this past market- if I had known then that I would be selling at the next one, well I never would have believed it! This is really amazing! (And PS... I love that butterfly feeling of opening your e-mail to see a CONGRATULATIONS! It reminds me of when I got into the London study abroad and I cried tears of joy in the library ha!!!)

Anyways off to draw... I have SO much to create! I have a feeling you'll be hearing more about this...


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