Tuesday, August 21, 2012

New Print: Save the Day!

Annnd we're back!
Oh my this blog has been nothing but crickets the past few months!
At first it was morning sickness, then summer vacations, then moving 2,000 miles and before I knew it, here we are at the end of August!  Truthfully, I needed a break somewhere and slowing down CinnamonInk for a while was the natural choice for me the past few months.  

Thanks for the patience while the shop was ping-ponging between open and closed, for holding onto your orders and waiting on custom pieces!  It feels good to be back and I'm so excited to share some new prints I have been holding onto!  First up this little man!

I actually introduced him at market this past spring and was so thrilled when he was "flying" off the shelf (ha... sorry, I couldn't help myself)!  I think he's just the right twist of bravery and boyishness.  Check him out here!  

And more new prints coming soon!


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