Monday, May 21, 2012

Baby, oh baby!

Well, news is out: We're expecting!  Matt and I could seriously not be more excited to finally share the news with everyone!  We're having a baby, I can hardly stand it! :)
The day after we found out I sat out on our picnic table and drew this print.  When we were ready to tell my parents our news I handed them a stack of my new prints to see (not too unusual), but I slipped this baby into the bottom of the pile.  They were SO shocked, it was priceless!

I've definitely been a lot more hands off with CinnamonInk lately.  Juggling spring shows, online orders and morning sickness (AKA all-day-long sickness, "morning" my eye!) has been about all I could handle the past few months.  Thanksfully, I feel like I'm starting to get my energy back and feeling a bit better thank goodness!  I'll be around! 

So, that's my news, baby on the way!!! Horray!



  1. Definitely too many cute nursery ideas to not wonder! You are so cute Katherine. I love the print. I just talked to your Mom. I'm so excited for you. I was pregnant when we went to our first year of med school and it was fun. You will be awesome. You will just need lots and lots of visits from Grandma!

    Congrats, congrats!

  2. So excited for you! Congratulations!!

  3. I'm going to be the best auntie.

  4. So exciting! Congrats Kate! You are going to be the cutest little pregnant lady and the sweetest mother!

  5. Congratulations Kate! What wonderful news! And I love how you broke the news. What a perfect moment.