Thursday, April 26, 2012

Airplane nursery

So earlier today I linked to something, linked to something else (you know how that goes) and ended up on Spearmint Baby.  Spearmint Baby, love that blog... I've done some advertising and posts with them in the past, just plain classy if you ask me.  So I start scrolling down the top page through this darling airplane nursery...

Do you see him?  Because a little guy in red definitely caught my eye!

I love randomly finding a stylin room that houses one of my prints.  The other day I spotted Just be You on Ruffling Feathers, love that Emily.  It just happens from time to time and I have to say it feels really good to see my art be part of someones space.  That is so flattering and fun for me.  After so much thought and time, each print ends up meaning a lot to me, so it's really cool to see someone enjoy it and make it theirs.

Combine spring market season with end of the school year hyperactivity and I'm a bit worn out.  I've been working on several new prints too, some of which sold out at Bijou- YES!  Look for them in the shop very soon!


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