Wednesday, January 4, 2012

New print: Toy Car

This little guy is up in the shop today and I'm so happy to start the new year with him.  I think he shows that quiet, simple, content side of kids.  The goodness and a little curiosity. 

I was initially inspired to draw a child from London when I started this print.  When I studied there, I lived across from Kensington Gardens and I would always see the sweetest English children traipsing after their parents in their traditional school uniforms off to school through the garden.  Cutest thing ever and this ended up being my interpretation.  A little more American, but with that same curious flavor. 

You can see him in the shop here.



  1. Art should be made out of experiences or emotions, just like what you did, Kate. It may come out of the blue due to the emergence of a sudden burst of emotion. You seem to be fond of drawing. What's your profession?

    Tari Ledsome