Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Festival of Trees and a New Print

Back in the summer I was contacted by a woman named Corrine who told me her amazing and heart wrenching story.  When she was 8 months pregnant her car was hit head on while she was driving on the freeway.  An elderly man suffered a heart attack and died, crossing 6 lanes of traffic and hit Corrine.  Her unborn baby died in the accident, but Corrine's life was saved by the protection of this sweet baby Livi.  I literally sat and cried and cried as I read through her message and blog posts.  She is an incredible woman, who I am so grateful I have gotten to know.

Every winter The Festival of Trees is put on in Utah to raise money for Primary Children's Medical Center.  Primary Children's is a hospital unlike any other and is known as one of the best for children's care.  The festival raises a lot of money for deserving patients by auctioning off amazingly decorated trees.  Corrine decided to take on the challenge of decorating a tree in her daughter's memory and the theme was "Wings."  She asked if I would donate my Catching Butterflies print.  Because I was so touched by Corrine I decided to also include a surprise print to honor Livi.   

The One Little Angel print is now available in the shop, and 100% of the proceeds of this print will be donated to Primary Children's Medical Center.

Here is a video interview of Corrine done by abc4 News. She did a great job on the tree...

These trees are seriously incredible and I'm so grateful I could play a very small part in Livi's tree.  I hope you are enjoying this wonderful season of the year! I'm grateful for reminders like these of what is really most important. Merry Christmas. :)



  1. Thanks for sharing this, Kate! I love the Festival of the Trees. I definitely need to get this print when I get to Utah. It is so cute!

  2. that is so cool!! i love your prints so so much!! this just gave me more reason to buy one :)