Tuesday, October 25, 2011

New Print: Just be You

New print in the shop today:

I made this print a whiiile back and I'm so happy to see it up in the shop tonight!  I often feel like we're all getting pulled in too many directions and getting too many messages on who we should be, who we should look like, act like, cook like, teach like, mother like, blog like, sound like...  Do you ever feel that way?  I see it even with my young students, not quite sure what to do to fit in, trying to figure out who they are "supposed" to be.  I think as adults there is a pressure to compare, to do more, be more, push, push, push.  Drive is good, but I also think we all need a reminder that it's good and it's important to

Just be You.

And that is just enough.



  1. Well said sister! I agree! "Just be YOU!"

  2. I just love this. I long to have it hanging in my room immediately.