Monday, October 10, 2011

New Halloween Print!

I work in an Elementary/ Middle School and I must say most days I looove my day job!  I just love those crazy kids, and working in a school is by far the best/hardest/most fun and rewarding job I've had!  I usually get home around mid-afternoon, take a break and dive into my art, my other passion in work. :) 

Anyway my schedule is a story for another day, but I bring this up because I feel like every day at school I get asked: What are you being for Halloween and can I have a treat?  Effects of October are strong.  With this on my mind I decided to change up the 8x10 print I had hanging above my little gas stove in my itty bitty kitchen (you can stand in one place and touch all four walls, but it is seriously cute) and a little Halloween somethin was a must.  I made it, I loved it, I added it to the shop:

While we're on the topic... anyone have any grand costume ideas?  I need something awesome!
Also, one of my students asked me today, in a very serious tone mind you, "Are you a vampire?"  What?!  I told him yes in a very serious tone.  Don't worry, he got the joke.
And finally, check out the beautiful pumpkins I grew!!! 

These babies tried to take over my entire garden, but they were worth it!
Boo to you! (It felt like the right way to end this :)


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  1. Hi Kate,
    what about being Mary Poppins for Halloween?

    (I hope you can see the photo):-)