Monday, August 15, 2011

My Garden and Weekly Sale!

My garden is growing and I'm so pleased!
In honor of my first little harvest I'm putting this print:

On Sale!  25% off Eat the Good Stuff.  Happy gardening!



  1. it's so fun to eat what you've grown. i love gardens and yours is looking pretty good!

  2. oh my gosh i love this! you have got to tell me more - working in gardens and famrs in ecuador has really got me on a garden kick and i am itching to grow my own! when i get home i will likely be in a studio apt in LA... any tips! eep! email me if you have anything to share: thank you!

  3. Thanks ladies! This was my first garden and I went to town... my tomatoes are growing like crazy, we've had strawberries, pumpkins, peppers that bugs ate :(, and some pretty little corn... mint, onions and radishes. It's really fun, but definitely trial and error! Next summer we could very well be in a big city with no garden too... In that case I would be figuring out some potted gardening I guess?!