Wednesday, June 8, 2011

New Print: Treasure a Book

How true is that? This little guy is up in the shop today!  Don't you think he'd be perfect for a child's reading corner? 
Yesterday I left the library with an armful of books and can't wait to dive in.  I love how reading takes you to a whole new place, new adventure, even new friendships. 
One of my favorite things about my day job (teaching Special Ed.) is watching the improvement in my student's reading.  It opens up their world, and I'm never happier than to see their excitement at a good book. (Seriously you would have been grinning ear to ear at seven 5th graders falling off their chairs and squealing in excitement during the coon hunt in Where the Red Fern Grows.) Little is better than a great book!


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  1. Got him! He is so darling and perfect, can't wait to see him in person!