Friday, June 10, 2011


Hey guys,

I have to tell you about my night last night because it was really awesome!  I went to the second ever meeting of Creative Collaborative, a group started by a few local artists, designers, photographers to get creative minds together and share/ strengthen our community.  It. was. fabulous.

Basically a group of eclectic artists crammed into a small studio listening to some rad speakers give their tips to success followed by just meeting each other and hanging out (I don't care for the word "networking").  It felt SO good to be in a room full of people who are passionate about creating, who share a similar dream to my own, but who have an honest desire to help each other.  There is so much competition in the art business, which is hard because it's not only deflating at times, but it can suck the creative inspiration and fun out.  I love the spirit of helping each other.

Not to mention these people were so fun to chat with and I loved getting to meet them in person.

Going through the notes I was madly scribbling I have so many great philosophies, practical ideas and new routes I want to try.  It makes me so happy I've been bouncing around all day doing practical businessy things and I haven't had time to draw yet!  Looks like it's finally time though... Thanks to everyone who spoke and put this on!


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