Saturday, April 9, 2011

Who's ready for summer?

Just a little summer happiness (since I had to run in SNOW this morning, what the?!) To be honest I didn't mind too much because I can taste warm weather on the horizon! Fourth of July is one of my favorite holidays. It's summer, it's America, it's warm, it's fireworks! While I was creating this piece I played around with a patterned clothing for fun...

A little bit off my beaten path right? I'm still loving the patriotic colors for this print, but I'm kind of diggin' the concept of some simple patterned clothing. What do you think?

xo, Kate


  1. Oh I love them both! I am ready for summer!

  2. SUPER cute! I love both of them too!

  3. Hello, I found out your blog through Geninne's art blog. Your work is lovely! When I was a girl, my mom gave me a book from Joan Walsh Anglund. Don't know if you know her, but your drawings totally remind me to hers. Congratulations, great work!

  4. Almu:

    Thank you! That is a GREAT compliment, I love Joan Walsh Anglund. Growing up my grandma would feed us Sunday dinner on plates with Joan Walsh Anglund images on them... maybe it rubbed off a bit? :)