Monday, April 4, 2011

On studios.

I LOVE getting to see artist's studios. Have you seen the Etsy blog's Open Studio Tour series??? It's so fun to see the space that people create in. I have daydreamed my studio a million times... it's a balance between clean room to think and color/pizazz. Right now my studio consists of a blue desk in our bedroom that faces my white paned window.

Not much yet, but the blinds are always open which means I can be inspired by snow in the winter and our massive sunflowers in the summer. Not to mention the characters walking past... too much awakared eye contact! I love our one bedroom place, but the creative space is a bit too cramped and currently covered with a mixture of drawings and Matt's O. Chem assignments. Luckily I love our little house, and for now I will make it work. But I'm telling you, someday I will have my own art studio, like on The Notebook. I made Matt promise me before we got married, so I'm holding him to it. :)


*I saved that first pic forever ago from who knows from where?!


  1. I love that little house with heart smoke! what's the for!? :)

  2. You caught it ay? Just something I cooked up over the weekend... It's coming soon!