Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Featured: Bringing up Bumble!

Hey hey I've got good news! CinnamonInk was featured today on the fabulous blog Bringing up Bumble!

Check out the review here. Meghann, the force behind this cute blog, is amazing and one of the nicest people I have worked with through the good old WWW. Not only is her blog ranked in the Top Ten Baby Blogs, but she is so sweet- that post left me with a silly grin, too kind! Thanks Megann!!!



  1. i just found your site!!!!! everything is AMAZING! did you draw/create your header and other amazing images?! im in love!

  2. Congrats Kate!!!! That's soooo exciting! Ps I'm texting you tomorrow! <3

  3. hey thanks for stopping by :) i love megann too, she is super sweet. and i LOVE your art! you have great style.