Monday, March 14, 2011

Geninne's Art Blog.

Last week my coworker brought to work boxes overflowing with Arizona oranges and grapefruit picked right from the orchard. You better believe I was shoving them in my purse ;) (don't judge he wanted me to!)

So, yesterday when I saw this image on Geninne's Art Blog I immediately took up her offer to make it my desktop background. So much juiciness waiting in those oranges... summer is definitely in the works guys! I found Geninne's blog a while back and I ended up spending a lot of time pouring over post after post. I love when I can feel an artist in her work, you can just tell she is true to herself- vibrant colors and beautiful pictures too! I feel inspired every time I visit! Go check it out and eat a juicy orange while you're at it!


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