Thursday, February 17, 2011

Here comes the bride.

"In all the wedding cake, hope is the sweetest of plums." -Douglas Jerrold

Today was spent celebrating the wedding of two good friends (who also happen to be related to us), Matt's cousin David and his WIFE Allison. It was a day packed with excitement and emotion- I can't help it, I always cry at weddings. I just love a good wedding and their joy was contagious. They make a fabulous couple, so happy for them!

I also had a great chat with Matt's aunt Renee about our businesses during some down time. She sells quilting supplies, designs fabrics, teaches... she is really amazing. I left absolutely inspired and brimming with hope for future possibilities for my own little venture.

All in all a good day!


*My bride's dress may or may not have been inspired by my own... maybe more on the "may" side. Matt suggested I wear it to the wedding today since I don't get a lot of use out of it, but we decided it might be considered "inappropriate." Probably a good call. :)

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