Saturday, October 23, 2010

Memory Lane.

The other day I found myself in my old room at my parents house rummaging under the bed for some old art supplies. My mom has turned my room into a guest room, but was kind enough to leave all my old art junk where I've always kept it under the bed. I found what I was looking for, as well as some old gems from high school and college so I thought I'd share for the heck of it...

A perspective piece- PrismacolorMy sister made a beautiful bride- Pencil drawing A patriotic reflection- Mixed mediaDart board- Prismacolor Orance crush- PrismacolorMy dad as a little boy- PrismacolorRed sunflower- WatercolorLighthouse- Oil paints

It's funny how these pieces remind me of different parts of my life- especially the lovely high school years. If creating is theraputic for you, you should look through your old masterpieces... it's like a walk down memory lane!


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