Saturday, October 9, 2010


I feel like this... and let me tell you why. The other day Matt was sitting in our living room minding his own business, just chillin after a long day of school & work when in comes his wife... exploding all over the place with excitement! So much excitement in fact that he had to sit confused for a minute while I tried to spit out the news. When he finally understood the words coming out of my mouth it went something like this...

Someone bought a print... they bought a print and they live... oh my gosh... my art will be in AUSTRALIA!!! (much jumping around ensued...)


Someone in Australia bought my print... my work is International! I drove to the post office smiling today. I don't know exactly what will come of this little endeavour I've started, but I do know that my artwork will be hanging in a nursery on the other side of the world... and that makes this girl very, very happy.
And in other happy news my lollipop girl print made it to the FRONT PAGE OF ETSY!!! I am still getting familiar with Etsy culture, but I've had several random people write me congrats and so I now understand what a big compliment that was! I was wondering why I got 300 hits in 10 minutes! Thank you Etsy! :)
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